TextureFog - Beta release

Hi guys!
I got to a small release. I hope that it is really useful to you =)
All url for download to video.
This fog does not become a substitute for atmospheric, but has its features:

  • Fog of textures
  • Supporting flow animation
  • Select uv space
  • HUE color shift
  • Supporting meshes (experemental)
  • Supporting fog of gradient texture with opacity
    UE4 TextureFog Betta Release - YouTube

[02.10.2016] UPDATE!

Great job looks awesome

EDIT: after downloading it looks like its missing some functions

Oh sweet, I just saw Steve Sinclair at DE was adding texture-based fog to Warframe. It got me wondering if somebody would attempt a similar effect for UE4, and lo and behold! Sterling work man :slight_smile:

This is really awesome, though things break when I drop it into the content folder… Everything seems to load fine, but some of the materials and material functions have broken references to textures, and I have no clue what texture goes where…

olkiller730- make sure you drop the “TextureFog” folder with it’s assets into your project’s Content folder, not “TextureFog_Betta”. You’ll still run into snags though, but that’s right folder (I think?!).

@Derjyn Yep i imported wrong. the functions are there now but im getting the texture missing errors now like it looks like you are haha

Hello gyus. Check update in first post =)

Hi, i just stumbled over this cool texturefog !
I think it looks pure brilliant !!
but importing it to my 13.1 project i have some missing textures inside the materials… and so sadly its not working for me
please keep up the work on it and could you please fix this. i really would love this in my game project !!

kind regards

Hey. The package was checked and in this version. And the problems did not arise. I even checked it now. If you have not lost the function of the material, then simply Assign textures in fog and flow texture samples. Sorry for delay.

sorry but its just not working for me.
i start a new blank project in 4.13.1
then i copy the folder texturefog to the projects contentfolder.
if i start the project the next time, all textures are missing in the materials and in the MF_FOGFLOW_01 Material Function all textures are missing, too.
as i dont know which textures have to be in what slot, i just cant play with your cool fog system…

i just dont understand why you cant reproduce these problems …
kind regards

Hi again,
i am still very very interested in this cool fog function !
is it still in developement ?
kind regards