Textured widget resizing

I can’t seem to find a tutorial or how-to about this anywhere. I’m trying to create a chat window UI widget for an online game that’s split up into various textures/icons: border, semi-transparent background texture, buttons, etc. My problem is that I don’t know how to make a resizing border texture. The texture file itself is an opaque border around a transparent center and it’s very small. I don’t know if there’s a way to duplicate/stretch segments of this texture with UE4, but that’s the idea I’ve had in mind, given that other engines have been able to do this.

Here’s the chat window border texture I speak of.

player dialogue border.png

Check out the twitch stream about UMG stuff that was uploaded to youtube a while back.

I’ve not done much UI work but I’ve seen videos explaining how to do what you ask. Pretty sure the twitch stream I mentioned had it.

I just watched it and I don’t think I heard them explain my concern. Firstly, I think UMG is separate from the HUD, right? I want to make a HUD element that can have a corner dragged to resize, and a textured border that scales/copies segments of the texture.