Texture2D creating with PF_Unknown at umodel

Loading Texture2D eyepet_ball from package eyepet_ball.uasset
WARNING: StructProperty “UTexture2D::AlphaCoverageThresholds” was not found
Skipping SourceArt: TSF_BGRA8, NumMips=1, Slices=1, PNGCompressed=1
******** eyepet_ball.uasset: Texture2D’eyepet_ball’ ********
*** Unknown texture format: PF_Unknown (0)
WARNING: Texture2D eyepet_ball has no valid mipmaps

Hi all,
im really new at UE4 and try my first skills here, for a newby its a nice tool but for this error i cant find a solition
i have created a PNG (did try with TGA, same error), imported it to my project and saved,
after this opened UMODEL tool and did a check for my new created texture,
and i got this error,
duno why UMODEL show me PF_Unknown, on UE4 it shows PF_DXT5
is something wrong with compiler or UMODEL tool is buggy?


Hi. This is not a correct forum for asking for UModel support, use gildor.org for that. However, UModel have recently got a possibility to view and extract “source” texture assets - assets which caused problems for you.