Texture/UV/Mesh Issue in UE4 (Save me please)

Hi everyone,

(First post here :3] I’m getting a strange issue on a new Unreal project I’m working on, I’ve imported a mesh from maya and the texture doesn’t fit with the mesh, it’s like Unreal scaled and/or shifted my texture.
(I’ve added the wireframe to my texture to see more clearly the problem)


I also checked on Sketchfab and no issue too, I’m a little bit lost :frowning:
I need your help :frowning:


Did Unreal modified the UVs or the mesh ? Did I miss an import parameter or something ?

I don’t know if it will help but have you tried setting “Use Full Precision UVs” in the mesh’s Build Settings?

Try Enable ( use full precision UVs)

Hello hello @Aurelien_Zafra, welcome to the forums!

Have you had a chance to try the suggestions above? I’m curious if this solved your issue.


It worked !!! Thanks to both of you !!!