Texture tiling on static meshes

So, I was trying to make a tileable texture that should evenly tile on static meshes no matter their scaling. However applying the same material to 2 differently scaled meshes creates these 2 very different results.
Advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Try multiplying the TexCoord[0] with and object scale or object radius.

Note that this probably will not help you much if you are scaling things non-uniformly.

That being said, you can try looking into triplanar projection mapping.

The result you are getting is bound to their scales of course. When you scale them you are also affecting their UV aspect ratio and it cause the texture to change as well.
You can try using the WorldAlignedTexture node for texturing and that will probably make the tiling stay the same all the time (if I’m not mistaking).

I just bought the supergrid pack. Solved all my problems.