Texture Tiling Mastery

I wonder if somebody figured out a good way for smart texture tiling …

Usually i just do lerp multiple textures, mix in some color variation with masks and do change the tiling while lerping some more. But these results are never really satisfying …
I guess there should be a more easy way, shouldnt there be? Such as procedural, overlapping (e.g. normal-lerp) tiles in random directions.

It would be extremely awesome if somebody would know a good way to actually do this!
And just to explain what spooks my mind, 10 hopefully worthy minutes of pure photoshop art :slight_smile:

(obviously this example “lerps” overlapping parts not via normals or anything …)

Really, nobody? :confused:
I know this wont work for geometry-based materials, but when you need this mostly - in a wide area (e.g. landscapes), it would be invaluable!

Just a little update on the subject - it is possible. This guy (Unreal Engine 4 Random Texture Placement Material - YouTube) does it, but he does not share the material. So i gotta look how i should start from here … Already have a idea how to achieve this with a set of 10-15 different alpha masks to subtract parts of textures while offset a new tile on another …

And this should also help: How to offset a texture? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

There is a solution for this that should work with unreal.
It’s quite a bit different but the result seems pretty great. I haven’t tried it though.
They call it Infinity Tiles.

I would like to do this inside the UE material, otherwise i could just do 16k textures in Photoshop and create variation by myself :smiley:

That looks like texture bombing: http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPUGems/gpugems_ch20.html

Since 4.13, a friendlier texture bombing node is available in the material editor, as mentioned here.

Awesome! That looks exactly what i’ve meant! And i even figured an alternative way by myself in the meantime … but maybe texture bombing is a prettier path to go along :slight_smile:
Will definitely check it out over the next days, thanks alot!

Texture bombing seems to be closer to what you were looking for but Infinity Tiles isn’t just making a higher res texture, it’s much more sophisticated than that. It tiles texture with variation using Wang Tiles. Texture mutation is what they call taking a texture and making either variations of it or a larger version of it and that’s not what I suggested.

Hi and thanks for your reply! Thats kind of what i also did within the material, just that it becomes very complex very fast :smiley:
Texture bomging seems to work just fine on imported meshes - but not landscapes mhh … Well it’s time for some experiments. 0 wiki posts, 0 youtube (material) videos, 0 explaination, what could go wrong! :cool: