Texture Streaming

Is there anyway to remove the texture streaming?
is there any way to load the texture of the next level first before loading the level?
please help!

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Hey Ihua,

There is an option available within the texture settings of each texture called, ‘Never Stream’ which will force that texture to never be allowed to stream in or out of memory.

If you would like to completely disable texture streaming open up the Project Settings > Rendering > Textures.

Uncheck this option to disable texture streaming. I would be careful doing this though, as texture streaming helps a lot with projects that have a lot of unique texture fetches and calls to memory.

We have some really helpful documentation on Texture Streaming as well as how to account for the correct texture streaming settings when establishing your project’s scalability.

Scalability Reference Guide

Texture Streaming

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

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Is it possible to disable this feature for already shipped game by command line options?

I’m experiencing stuttering in one game, and this stuttering disappears(or become less obvious) when I move game to other drive. SO obviously texture streaming is the issue.