Texture Streaming Problem

at the moment we try to make a package of our project for windows.
Everything is fine, everything works correctly.

BUT: Our Textures Quality in the packaged Game is really really bad and different to the playing mode in the Editor.
We think this could be a problem with Texture Streaming, but we don’t find a solution.

You can find two screenshots in the attachment. One from playing the packaged game, the other from playing in fullscreen mode in the editor. On both screenshots you see the same asset with the same material, the same texture and on the same hardware!

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Change the mip map settings in the texture properties or disable texture streaming https://answers.unrealengine/questions/25898/how-to-disable-texture-blurring-based-on-a-camera.html :slight_smile:

If we disable texture streaming in Edit/Project Settings/Rendering/Texture Streaming…
does this also effekt the package?