Texture streaming pool budget accumulate?

Hi, I optimized my scene textures which goes below the texture pool budget and make the error disappear. But if I go to another level and comeback to this level again, the error came back. And if I restart unreal, the error disappear again. Very confusing.

I am curious if the texture streaming pool budget accumulate from the previous level to the current level?

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The streaming pool builds up during editor use. It’s not flushed at all.

When you package the game, then the pool is managed correctly.

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I see, is there any way to manually reset it inside the editor other than restarting?

Nope :slight_smile:

But you can enlarge it with a console command to stop the error:

r.Streaming.PoolSize 3000

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It’s making testing a real pain. Particularly when compiling the ■■■■ engine…

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