Texture streaming issue

So last night I had too many applications open and automatic performance thingy poped up and changed settings around.

I don’t know everything it did but I cannot get it back to what it used to be. The engine scalability settings set to epic as well as material quality to high.

Now my textures get blurred or even change resolution constantly. I’ve tried to remove texture streaming from project settings > rendering. It does affect the streaming ( in the way that they don’t change anymore) The problem here is that they are set to a low quality. Now my question is how to set everything back how it was ? Or how to force the texture streaming to be set to highest quality ?

I’ve already waisted half a day on trying to understand and fix this. I know you can do that by going into each texture and check “never stream” option, but that means I would have to go through dozens of textures.

So … how to get everything back the way it used to be before that god **** retarded automaticly adjust settings for performance process showed up?

Is your texture memory going over budget? See your streaming stat to see if its going over Pool Size or not.



It does I think ?

Again this issue only started after that automated performance improvement because my fps dropped because I had 2 many instances & applications opened. Before that I was running 120 fps with no issue and no visible lower quality textures. Even my lightmaps are getting affected by this. ( hence much lower quality rendering “I guess?” and not baking)

See if your Project settings->Target hardware is changed or not.
Other options are : delete saved, DerivedDataCache and Intermediate folder from the Project folder and restart the editor. If that doesn’t work, increase your memory pool size to 1500mb.


Didn’t found the DerivedDataCache, but removed the other two and that seems to have fixed it. Thank you!

I use r.Streaming.PoolSize 4000 with my gtx 980 (4gb). Because I’m way over the initial 1000mb budget and had the same problem as you Robbie!

The derived data cache folder is here :


Thanks Phill, I usually delete that folder every time my SSD gets overcrowded.

Interesting, I guess I should use r.Streaming.PoolSize of 4000 also with my gtx 970. I am wondering how that affects my clients if they have a lower memory.

p.s - Or is it just for my editor settings and doesn’t count on packaged projects?

I think it’s just for your editor. It does not translate when I launch in a standalone window (stil over budget). I usually just use -notexturestreaming as a launch parameter. Initial loading can be longer but you don’t have any popping after that.