Texture streamiing pool

Hey Guys,

I am getting an error message in my view port that says texture streaming pool over 160mb. It fluctuates and goes as high as 200mb. I have tried a couple ways like setting the texture pool size higher and what not but that doesn’t seem to go away. The result is that it randomly picks a texture to not display. My texture folder is 715mb and my GPU has 2gb. How can I fix this? Also is there a way to resize textures in UE4 to lower the texture pool?


Non power of two textures will always be loaded on memory.
What you want to do is make them Po2 and uncheck the “Never Stream” tickbox.
That way the engine will load into memory only the ones that are needed if you use the standard simple texture streaming options.


Thanks I will try that!

You can increase the size of the pool from the console (~) with

Hey that fixed it! I had a couple texture set that weren’t po2. I don’t know how they slipped by. Question about the “Never Stream” tick box. Should I always be checking this box? Are there situations where I shouldn’t be?

I tried increasing the pool size but that didn’t work in this case. It was a couple textures that weren’t po2. I am doing Arch Viz stuff and my texture are all 4k.

The other way around!
If the box is ticked it means that it will always load.
It is confusing i know…

Regarding the 4k textures your only solution is to use mip maps.
Otherwise it is going to be hard to not crash a 2gb GPU. 4k textures are huuuuuge! :slight_smile:


P.S Let me give you some more info in case someone stumbles across this thread.

If you import a non Po2 texture into the engine then the “Never Stream” is ticked automatically.If you enter a Po2 then it is not.
Now for the curve ball.
If you have imported a NON po2 texture and then re import that texture that now is Po2 then the “Never Stream” tickbox continues to be checked and you have to un check it manually!

This little detail can save you a lot of headaches!

Thank you so much for the info, you have helped me a lot!

Could you explain this in English for those of us who designers and not programmers? It would be appreciated.

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