Hi, can someone please tell me which settings to use to get a file filled with texture. I tried tons of times but only get empty files with only a very small portion of texture.

Hi Dioniso.zen,


Could you post a small screenshot of the unwrap settings you’ve used?

Hi Jasper,
this is what I get.

Hi Dionizo.zen,


Thanks for your reply, but I meant if you could post a screenshot of the settings used in realitycapture.

Specifically the ‘Unwrap’ settings. For instance like this:

Sorry Jasper, didn’t read your request carefully.
I tried all the possible combinations and none of them was successful.

Anyway, I think I got which is the “problem”. If I export an obj I have this options and I get the unusable texture:

If I export an fbx I have this options and the correct texture:

Here I changed the default settings and got 2 different types of textures:



Disable the “Export to a single texture file”

What this option does is create a texture ‘Atlas’ file. Where all the individual 4k texture files are placed into a divided single image file. You have this option turned off for the FBX export.

If you click on your model, can you see the texture count?

Thanks Jasper. It drove me crazy… I did it and now it works.

Where should I see the texture count? I tried but didn’t see it

Good to hear it worked! The texture count is how many times RC has to generate an image texture file of your chosen resolution (4096x4096) in order to generate all the necessary textures.

If you have a large or very detailed project you will need either a large texture resolution (8k or 16k) or multiple texture counts (usually either on 4k or 8k).

In the image above RC had to generate 9 textures of 8k each in order to get a texture quality of 93%. The texture quality is calculated by determining the optimal pixel size (basically the average pixel size in physical dimensions).

If the texture quality is at 100% then this means that each pixel in the texture image files is as large as the average pixel size of the project.

Thanks Jasper for your detailed explanation. 

Can you please tell me where I can find that panel with those info?

Hi dioniso.zen,

You can see that panel by clicking on the Component and then on the Model. The panel “Selected model(s)” will show up and if you expand the button “Texturing” it should show the information you need.

Thanks Jasper,

fount it.