Texture size bug

Cause CR still have bug with unwraping - I did unwrap in agisoft and import model back to CR to texting.
In setting texture size its 8192 but on export its 4096… why?

Hi Yegor
Have you imported the OBJ from the folder where was also the TEXTURE file next to the OBJ ?
If yes, then it will take resolution from the already existing TEXTURE FILE. If you need to get a properly-sized texture, then have ONLY the OBJ file in that particular folder when importing the OBJ and it will work.

Hi Yegor,

From the picture, It looks like unwrap from CR. According to your unwrap parameters, it looks like CR was able to unwrap model into one 4K texture and your old unwrap was overwritten. I am not 100% sure, but this looks like the case.

Can you please write exact steps you did to get this results? Maybe it will help to find out what happened.

Thank you guys.
I delete MAT file (satelite of OBJ) and all works fine now.
But will be good to solve it and force my CR params inside CR(in future ) ).

Dear Yegor,
if you are importing obj that includes texture then the texture file name is inside the mtl file. The RC imports both the unwrap and the texture in this case. Of course the texture resolution is preserved. Therefore after you export it again immediately after import you get exactly the same model including the same texture.

The settings comes into the game just if RC can’t fing the image (and can’t know the resolution). therefore if you deleted the mtl file RC was not able to find the texture and it uses the resolution from settings. Which is correct.

It is not possible to change just image resolution in the RC. Furthermore, we do not recommend to downscale the existing texture as the gutter may play important role in the texture. However upscaling should be safe operation and we can consider to implement this feature if there will be request for that.

Hello Michali,
May be my English its to bad. Sorry.
I don`t want up/downscale exist texture.
I just want CR generate(!) texture in size taken from CR settings, not from the imported model MTL.

I think you want to talk about UV’s layout not utilizing 100% of the UV space… right…?

Hi Steff

No, it’s related to model IMPORT and if you have there the MTL file and texture file, it will USE the texture size from the already present file.
So if you want to use your OWN texture ( custom UVs done ), you need to delete *.MTL which is related to the OBJ.
Do you think this behavior can be used or it’s SAFER to skip this ( as ZBrush and some other software export even empty texture on export with 1-4k texture size )?