Texture scaling and mass of objects


2 things

i just started with ue4.5.1

1: i had a floor of 1x1 with wood on it and it looked fine , but the room was to small.
i made the room 10x10 but the texture grew with it and the plancks were not huge , so i felt like an ant.

why is the texture growing ?

2: you have this demo content, the yellow chair and the yellow bench.
the chair has mass, but the bench does not (first person default map)

how can i give mass to an object,i can not click the box that says mass in kg and fill in a number.

sorry foor the noobness

1:UV mapping, it’s based off the mesh rather than the world. There’s ways to get it to stay the same size regardless of the size of the object, but that’s some extra work. If you’re using BSP (brushes) then you just need to adjust the mapping on that surface to scale it back the way you want. Also, units in Unreal are 1 unit = 1cm, keep that in mind.

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