Texture scale wrong coming from 3ds Max (not Revit related)

Hi. I’m getting started with Datasmith and I can’t get textures to export with correct scale. Example: On import texture scaling is 240 and looks like a solid color. When I scale it down to 0.0024 it looks ok. The model is hand built (no revit) and I’ve dumbed down the materials as much as possible. Correct scale in Max, transforms reset, everything collapsed etc etc, everything correct - nothing works. I found some other posts asking about this, but all the answers had to do with Max/Revit, which doesn’t apply to this case. This is a bit of a showstopper… any tips?

Edit: Unreal Version: 4.23.1-9631420+++UE4+Release-4.23 , Max 2020

check max preferences settings. in your scene real world coordinates option must be ticked, that should be unchecked. project made in real world texture coordinate ticked, makes major issue in texture UV.
possible solution (not 100% sure) - make new empty scene and uncheck real world texture coordinate. merge your scene and then try exporting.

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Yes, real world coordinates was ticked. I’ll try your solution when I get the time. Thank you!