Texture scale way off on some objects

Just trying out getting content into UE via Datasmith and I’m running into an issue where texture scale is way off. I don’t know if it’s a UV problem or not.

For example, I’m preparing a file in SketchUp, and applying a texture to a column, which looks fine.
I bring it into UE via saving as Datasmith, and it works fine.
However, when I drag & drop a new material onto it, it’s really, really tiny - like maybe 1/50th as large as it should be.

Any ideas where I should be looking and how to fix this?


A few clues I’ve uncovered… the materials as applied in SketchUp have a related size - for example, when a texture is created, you tell it how tall & wide it is.

The textures don’t necessarily get applied in SketchUp at this size, however; that, plus possibly the difference in units, makes things a bit complicated.

Even when the sizing is “fixed” in SketchUp by scaling up the material on an object, the same material applies at yet a different scale in Unreal Engine.

So, to test it out, I created a texture at a known size (10" wide x 10" tall) and applied it to all objects in SketchUp. It appears properly on the SketchUp objects in UE.

Here’s a shot with the “corrected” material on the right, and the same texture dragged onto a default object in UE on the left.

I think my next step will be seeing what effect adjusting units has.