Texture saving time

Hey guys i never actually gave it a deep thought and just took it for “feature” of UE4
but today i noticed this

As you can see both compressed and raw(well they are compressed also as png)
take roughly the same space,
but saving them in UE takes around 30-60 seconds. For 4 textures.
I dont understand, in unity it would take 3 seconds.
I dont get it.

Why would saving them take 60 seconds? That sounds excessive to me.

Can you list your OS and system specs? Also what are you doing to the texture before you save?

Hello samb,
It is not expected behavior and usually it does not take so long.

Share some additional info about your textures, please, such as:

  • Bits per channel(8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit)
  • Amount of channels(1 - Grayscale, 3 - RGB , 4 - RGBA)
  • Texture resolution(Max. resolution for UE4 is 4096. 8192 may work, but with issues AFAIK, so it’s not recommended to use)

Also, try to resave pictures as .TGA - does it work okay or still taking a lot of time to process?

Ok guys if you say that is not expected then yeah. The problem comes from dumb pipeline of Substance Designer,
for example unreal fails to import TGA or PSD exported from SD, and you can imagine i wont manually change all formats every time i make
a change to a set of exports, i just wont. So i exported to png because it works with ue, and they are in 4k, 3 channels 8bit.
And depending on something save can be fast or really long, i’ve yet to determine what exactly.
I just dunno, still even “fast” in ue is far longer than in Unity, why is that?

Hey samb,

This seems like a specific issue you are experiencing. Of course there are ways to optimize import process when using large textures i.e. compression, but it should not be taking an abnormal length of time to import your textures. As suggested earlier, would you mind providing your system specifications?

I have tested importing large texture images (over 4k resolution) and notice it takes about 15 to 20 seconds for it to import. This is expected since it is such a large image file and the Engine has calculate things like the default Texture Group to place it.

If you would like, you can create a new AnswerHub post so we can troubleshoot your issues at a more individual level.

Thank you,

nah i think im just panicing its fine.
My specs are good its asus g750jz laptop, ntel® Core™ i7 4700HQ Processor
nvidia 880m
it handles everything

Hm, my workflow include TGA from SD and it works correctly. Maybe your graph is 16-bit and you’re saving 16-bit TGA instead of 8-bit?
May I ask you to share the most problematic files(TGA and PNG) so I could check it

yes thats probably the case, thank you very much for your help!