Texture saving is slow

I am trying to add textures to my imported fbx files. I import them and they take very fast to import but on savving it takes a lot of time to import and sometimes the engine just freezes and does nothing. I let it about half hour but still nothing.
Thank you.

Hey Ion,

I’m a little confused. Are you adding textures to a material? You’re saying that importing is fast, but then saving them is slow (and sometimes freezes)?

Also, how big are your textures? If they’re too big, that could cause slowdown.

The size is 1624 kb when I drag them into editor they are imported fast then when I click ok on some of textures I think is something random it freezes :(. Here is a sample texture: http://1ticsoft.com/unreal/FloorLightGLOW.zip

When I import this one and save, it takes about 20 seconds to Save and doesn’t seem to crash. What version of the engine are you using? 4.4.1?

Yes 4.4.1, try importing multiple files at once not one by one. I will go crazy if I will import textures one by one :), they are to many, Try about 10 but if it took to save one texture minimum 20 seconds how about 50 :(, I think you should try to optimize this saving to.

If you are importing a lot of textures at once, that might be why you are seeing these very long save times. The reason it’s taking so long is because the files are being compressed by the engine. If you set ‘Defer Compression’ in the texture editor (under Details) you can use the texture in the level without any warnings (but it’ll still compress and take a while when you save).

If you’re importing textures 10 at a time, maybe try importing them 3 or 4 at a time and see if that works better.

Thank you, it seems if I import about 5 textures then I don’t have this situation. So it is ok.

Mine takes roughly 5 - 10 minutes on 8192x8192 textures/ Bit long imo considering photoshop opens and saves it in under 5 seconds

It seems in the new version it is better, don’t have this problem anymore.