Texture Sampler type issue

I am importing a mesh I made in Blender with its corresponding textures and everything’s fine apart one of the materials I have.

The Base Color of my material has a Texture Sample node that is hooked and its Sampler Type is locked on Linear Color whereas I need it to be set as Color.

When I set it to Color it’s showing me the following error:

[SM6] (Node TextureSample) Sampler type is Color, should be Linear Color for “Texture name”

Thing is, I have exactly the same texture on other parts of my mesh but with different UVs and it’s set to Color on these ones which is what I want. I can’t really understand why this one is set to Linear Color.

Other posts have a similar problem but it’s the other way around and checking sRGB in the texture will change a Color setting to Linear Color, thus this will not fix my issue since I want it to be set to Color.

Anybody can help?
Have a good day.

Alright I found what was the issue.

It had to do with the baking of my textures. I was baking some of them in 16 bit PNG whereas it needed to be in 8bit before I import them in UE.

There might be some logical/technical reasons behind it but I don’t know what they are.
In hope it will help some people that encounter this specific “issue”.


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