Texture repeat help


I’m stuck on a texture problem and thought I’d post and see if someone can help me out.

I’m using blueprints and contruction script to setup a mesh and have a texture repeated on it. The mesh is effectively a plane.

I can change the scale of the mesh via the contruction script in the Y direction and I’ve set up an instanced material with 2 scalar paramaters so I can change the U and V tiling.

So if I scale the mesh to 10 in the y direction then the texture is repeated 10 times in the y direction and all is fine.

However this only works if I have a texture file per mesh. I have a number of meshes that share the same texture file . So when I try the above the texture moves around showing textures that should not appear on this mesh but the textues from other meshes.

Is there a way around this so only the correct uv coordinates are repeated or will I need to have a seperate texture for each mesh I want to scale and have texture repeat.

Hopefully that is understandable.



Each mesh needs its own texture.

That’s a shame.

I’ve got about 30 meshes sharing a single texture file. I wanted to try and avoid splitting the texture up but guess I’ll have to.

Thanks for the help.