Texture Quality is Awful Compared to Your Biggest Competitor

I absolutely love RC, and will definitely keep using it. But there’s one major problem with the software - it cannot give me crisp, sharp textures. Your major competitior A****** M***S**** does textures far better.

I have tried every unwrap setting under the sun, but still end up with blurred textures. Why is RC so bad at this? The ‘Optimal Texel Size’ is not optimal at all! I can sometimes artificially lower the texel size, but if I do it too low, the program runs out of memory and texturing fails.

Are there any plans to improve the texturing?

The Optimal Texel Size is basically the average ground sampling distance of your project. If you have a lot of variation in your camera distance to the object, then this value can be a bit skewed. Nonetheless, the internal RC viewer does not support the full texture resolution to improve performance of the viewer. If you want to know the true texture resolution, render a screenshot by using the “Render” button in the Reconstruction > Export section. Or export the model and view in an external viewer.