Texture Problem

Hi im currently modelling a building, for some reason the textures don’t line up properly when exported from 3ds max to unreal.

The texturing in 3ds max is not too bad for some reason.

However On Import To UnrealEngine You Really Notice The Difference.


Could Someone Please Help Me. Even when I unwrap uvs plane stretch them they still mess up. And the pelt doesn’t like to stretch I out for some reason. Thanks.

It’s the automatic triangulation on the wall with the door. Manually connect the vertices so that there is a maximum of only 4 vertices per polygon.
When it get automatically triangulated the UVs are distorted. So, triangulate your mesh.

Thanks, finally getting somewhere now. Is it really important that I only have 4 verts to a poly, Even with the real small cuts I make? - Because the small cuts make a extra vert and say im at the edge of the wall, will I then have to do the same to the wall that joins around the corner In order to keep it 4 verts per poly.

The reason I ask this is because, the wall with the window is nice straight cuts but the unreal import has still got a distorted texture.

Anyone else have any ideas?

It’s best to either always use quads or tris when setting up your meshes. If you use quads or anything more the editor will triangulate these on import. That triangulation, especially with ngons, will not look pretty, which is the result you’re seeing. In this situation it’s best to cut the edges in where you need them to set up your model for use in a game engine.

ok thanks. Im gunna have to start the building over again I think, For some reason some vertices wont connect to each other when I try to connect them, However I grab the edge and it bridges it, not sure why that is, but I must of bugged it somehow.

Check and make sure that you dont have any stray polygons in there or that the face is not flipped.

I checked for flipped faces but there are none.
Not sure what u mean by stray polygons? when i check in wireframe mode they all look joined in the correct places.

It cant be the verticy itself can it? because that’s just a location variable and cannot be flipped right?

I think I may have ruined it with a Boolean modifier, cutting the windows and doorways.