Texture problem when I play my game


I have a problem with textures when I play my game in UE 5, someone could help me please ?

Screens :

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You have to be a bit more specific.

The first one looks bad, like a UV problem, the second looks ok.

Agreed, more detail is needed.

Looks like the 1st pic is when a streaming texture hasn’t fully loaded; looks super mipped.

Hi !

Sorry I didn’t make my problem more specific.

The problem is that when I’m in free camera mode, on the second image, the texture of the asset is perfect, you can see the details and the stones, while when I click on play and I control my character the texture like on the first image, the texture is blurred and laggy

Are you using a virtual texture? They can tend to lag sometimes as they get rendered in.

Continuous page updates on the RVT might help this.

No, i’m not using virtual texture, I tried a lot of things but nothing is working

Another exemple :
Not playing (normal camera) :

Playing (third person player) :