Texture problem on landscape

I am bringing in a heightmap and texturing it with a real world photo.
I used to be able to do this by.

A) Importing 4096x4096 TGA
B) Creating a material.
C) Assigning a “landscapelayercords” node.
D) Check mapping type to "TCMT_AUTO
E) “LCCT_weightmapUV”

All I want to do is scale a texture ONCE in relation to the geometry its being applied on, this was working a few weeks ago and now something has changed so its being applied multiple times?

Any help would be great. are there other nodes I should be using instead of the landscapelayercords or something?

Additional info, as I have nearly got it to scale right.



So to Confirm.

height-map 4033x4033 TGA
texture map 4096x4096

I did try heightmap at 4096x4096 too but this not help. Totally stuck now and I know its just a little thing I am missing, so will be grateful for any help.


Strange but the mapping rotation parameter is HAVING an effect now so I am getting closer, Mapping pan U & V have no imapact regardless of the values I use?

Hi, I’m attempting to map a satellite photo onto a landscape and having basically the same issue. Did you eventually find an answer to this? Thanks in advance for any update. :slight_smile: