Texture problem of DatasmithRuntime plugin

When I use the DatasmithRuntime plug-in, I have a problem of messy textures. When the model is imported, the model will “randomly” use the available textures, which means that every time I call the LoadDatasmithScene method, the textures on the model will be different. I have tested multiple models and almost every time I was able to reproduce this.

You can follow the process below to reproduce this problem:

  1. Create a new project, make sure the DatasmithContent, DatasmithImporter, and DatasmithContent plugins are enabled and restart the project.
  2. Open the level blueprint, enter SpawnActorFromClass, set the Class to DatasmithRuntimeActor, and set SpawnTransform to the default value.
  3. Enter the LoadDatasmithScene node and use the model I provided as the load object.
    my model: Google Drive: Sign-in
  4. Start the game, and you will find that the textures are disordered.

Here are some screenshots of errors I took:

And the correct mesh looks like this:


I can import it correctly using datasmith icon in toolbar, but it won’t work in shipping builds.

Looking forward to the further fix of this problem, any suggestions will be welcomed, thank you for your help.

Hi, everyone:
This plugin works fine in UE4.27, I solved this problem by switch my project to 4.27, so I will mark this question as solved even if this is not a solution.