Texture Positioning

Seems like this has been asked before in previous years but hoping this has been solved and I havent stumbled upon it yet with the myriad of video tutorials Ive watched lately. In modeling programs, you can apply a texture to an object and adjust its position with a UVW Map modifier. (For artists who have never touched a 3rd party modeling program, basically like using a projector for pictures and moving the projector around to get it perfect on the screen you’re watching it on.) Is there a way to do this in UE, or is it just by adjusting the UV scaling within the material itself?

Certain types of UV creation are possible through UE’s material editor, but you would usually only be doing that for a specific in-engine purpose, like projecting a texture in world space or some other technique that relies on information from the game world.

Unless there is some wacky background tool I’ve missed, there isnt anything on the level of UV creation and manipulation that you can do in DCC apps like Max/Maya/Blender. I feel like it would be wasted effort on Epic’s part to do so anyway, Blender is free after all and it ain’t bad these days.