Texture Packer & Sprite Illuminator

Does anyone around here have any experience with these? I wanted to gather opinions from people who have actually used these tools for a little while. I am interested in both but if I had to say which one was more important right now I would say Texture Packer. Sprite Illuminator sounds awesome but the same job can be done in photoshop so it isn’t critical. I still think it might save time if it allows me to lay down 80% or more of the map in one go even if I have to do a bit of manual tuning.

Anyways if you have some experience please let me know what you think.

Texture stacker is nifty as hell, here’s one I made earlier :slight_smile: Doesn’t do alpha channel because that doesn’t really offer much in terms of memory saving and it makes the textures a bit harder to understand and work with anyway. It does automatically name the resulting textures and save them to the correct location though. Just put the texture in the r,g and b channels and hit save texture.

Remember to use a const-bias scale and to reconstruct the blue channel of the normal map if you put any information in the normal maps blue channel!

oh and It always output 2k textures as 4k makes my computer wince.