Texture Pack Edition 1 [Submitted]

I have just submitted my texture pack to the marketplace so hopefully it will get approved by the devs and it will be something people need in their lives and make it to the marketplace!

The pack includes 34 seamless, photo-realistic, high-res texture map sets with a total of 136 texture maps (4 for each set - Diffuse, Normal, Gloss and AO).

All Diffuse and Normal maps are 2048x2048 and all Gloss and AO maps are 1024x1024 - Each texture was created from a photograph then converted into a seamless texture map.

The pack includes a decent variety of textures as well as a basic material with instances for every texture set, the demo map and grid mesh for quick access to view, pick and choose textures.

Here are some preview images as well a video -*** i just uploaded the video so it may not be live for about 45 minutes***.







Looks amazing! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Hopefully it makes it onto the marketplace!

I hope so too!

Cool - are the issued as textures only or do they include the textures as materials ready to go?


Got some nice looking stuff in there. Keep it up!

Everything you see in the video/pictures is included, it’s a single, fairly basic material with an instance created for each texture set so you can easily pick a and choose which textures you want from the example map.

Looks super nice, keep it up!:slight_smile:

The pack is now on the Trello boards for voting, if you’re interested go give it a vote!


Too bad they are not 4K

Still they look great ^^

I shot most of them myself with my DSLR and didn’t realize i had the crop set too low for 4K and i didn’t want to up-sample so i made them 2048X but they still look great in-engine.

This pack is now available under the Art section of the marketplace!


Whoever has bought this pack - I would love to see what you have used the textures for!

please, how can I find the Link?

Is this pack still available? I do not see it on the marketplace and would like to purchase it.


Looking at this pack more closely, I think I might have to pick it up on Friday funds permitting. One question though, and this is not much regarding this pack specifically, and perhaps there is even a tutorial on it, but how would I go about reducing / increasing the “size” of the materials once applied to a mesh? Running into instances now with generic materials where the scale of the materials doesn’t match to the size of the assets and visual aesthetics.

If your talking about the tiling you can use a textcoord node and adjust the tiling. If you mean the actual size of the texture like reducung 4096 to 2048 i think it has to be done in a third party program.

Sorry for the late reply - Yes the pack is available, Epic wanted to avoid using the term ‘Texture’ so on the Marketplace it’s called ‘C-Media Basic Materials Ed. 1’

As for tiling the textures you can set this up within the material itself, if you have bought one of my Advanced Material packs most of those already have tiling setup in the materials.