Texture overlapping

Hey there , while I am creating a level I am always facing one annoying issue ,when you have a 2 static meshes which are colliding with each other , the textures of two SM gets mad and starts to swap between 2 textures as its shown in the picture.I know that i can just place one of SM a bit higher , but i am wasting so much time to find a perfect position to not cause such an issues . Is there any settings in the engine that will automatically place a mesh on the edge of seconds mesh without causing this issues ?

Sure, it’s called snapping. But it’s a bit dependent on the pivot point of your mesh.

Wow , thank you very much , that will make my day !!!

No Problem :slight_smile:

Most level artists and level designers would work on a grid and force 3D modelers to model according to specific dimensions to fit on said grid. If your mesh is exactly 2 meters by 2 meters, placing them on a grid will absolutely avoid overlapping.