Texture Options on Radial Menu - Help Needed Please

Hello, I am a fairly new modder and have not done anything with graphs yet. I am working on a sign mod and for some of them I want to have them as multi texture, so with various options from the radial menu (imagine an open/closed sign, I want people to be able to flip between the open texture and the closed texture via the radial menu). I have had a look for a suitable tutorial but have not found anything that is geared towards this. Is there anyone who would be able to talk me through how I could do this please? Pictures and simple language would be very much appreciated!

I will be honest, I have never looked into this, But, wouldnt this be the same concept of the on/off function in the radial menu. For example the fridge, on gets the ‘lights’ turned on? Maybe that will lead you in the right direction.

So you will want to look into Multi-Use for how to affect the radial menus of actors:
Jslay did a tutorial on this here