Texture missing in-game, shows in editor

Hello guys, I am trying to make a Map Extension for The Island but I am running into an issue where the texture are not loading properly in-game. It shows up fine in the editor. I am using the default island mat, hole and textures.

This is what I get in game.

So your level file(map) is in the ‘TheIslandSubMaps’ folder and all of your textures are in your mod folder?


The map file is in there, yes. The texture are the default ones in /game/primalearth/environment/landscape/*. I also tried copying all those into the mod folder and that also resulted in this.

Then all I can say, until a map-maker comes, to pull apart a default sublevel and double check how the textures are set up there.


If anyone got any insight on this, would be high appreciated :o

Is the material compiled to work with terrain assets? There’s a checkbox in the material editor, left hand pane near bottom.

I’m using the default materials that comes with theisland


Did you find a solution for this? I am having kind of a similar problem. I need some holes in the default landscape so i painted them with the Visibility tool. Everything works fine in the editor. I cook a map extension with the map set to the LandscapeSublevel and cooks without errors but when i test the mod i am missing the textures on the whole landscape.

The hole in the door area “works”, i can pass trough the area.

I still need help with this issue. Please!!

Me too, tried a few things like copying the materials and material instances into my mod folder but that didn’t help either. Not sure if it is a bug with the map extension cooking or if we miss something here.

It’s probably best to make a duplicate of the Island MIC’s (and place them in your Mod directory) to apply on your Terrain, if you plan to use it on custom Terrain Painting. That said, it may also ‘just work’ in upcoming Dev Kit v231 now that the Winter Wonderland event has ended and the terrain materials will be in sync between the DevKit and the live game. Let’s find out when that v231 Dev Kit goes live :wink:

I actually copied over the whole landscape texture folder and the materials into the mod directory, then reassigned all the brushes and mat to the copied texture and it still showed up without texture in game… I’m gonna assume its a problem with the dev kit and wait for the v231.

Edit: Just tried it with the v231 dev kit update. The new content breaks some stuff. Gonna wait until its fixed and try again…

Unfortunately still no luck with my modified LandscapeSublevel after updating the devkit. I used the latest LandscapeSublevel from the update and just added one hole with the visibility tool. Landscape textures are still missing. Im going to try another cook with copied MIC’s and see if that changes anything.

EDIT: Still the same issue with copied Material Instances. :frowning:

Still can’t resolve the issue with the new dev kit and content.