Texture Mapping Issues [Revit to Unreal]

I am very new to learning unreal engine and am having some issues with my models imported from Revit 2019. The model is exported using the datasmith plugin for Revit without any materials assigned.
The issue I am having (picture attached) is that any material I assign to the mesh comes in way out of scale. I placed a plane made in UE4 assigned with the exact same material for reference.

I have been having this same issue with my imports from sketchup using datasmith as well (these models had vray materials assigned to them).
If anyone can please help to guide me in the right direction of how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.


Hi Droth

just wonder if you found a solution for this yet? i having the same problem now.

Try this, if you haven’t already:

A mesh must have a UV map that tells Unreal how to display a texture on it. Revit must have some sort of default mapping size. Maybe 1m x 1m per texture tile. 100 Unreal units are 1m.
The plane in Unreal has a different mapping and size. It is probably mapped so the texture covers the entire plane. If you scale the plane it will change the texture size. - Anyway. These two mapping sizes need to match (being the same scale relatively). Then your material needs to have the correct UV mapping scale. It’s not that complicated.

If you assign a material in Revit you are able to define the exact dimensions of the texturetile. Then those dimension come in corectly in my case in unreal using the datasmith export plugin in revit.

i having the same problem now.