Texture map compression on import

Hi there,

I just learned about the practice in unreal to pack textures into different channels to improve performance etc. The ORM texture for example where ambient occlusion is on the R channel, Roughness on G and Metallic on B.

Now I do have a lot of textures with AO, Roughness and a specular texture.
I don’t know if it’s good practice, but I am trying to combine them just like done with an ORM texture. I do this in photoshop. 2K texture - 8bit sRGB color space and export as .tga

However, somehow when importing into unreal engine 5 with default compression settings, the textures in each channel seem compressed/lower quality than the source.
How can I fix this?

Hi iProspartan117

I’ve got a plugin on the marketplace that makes it really easy to combine (and extract/replace) channels from a simple menu command and UI inside UE - makes it incredibly quick and easy to do what you’re after without any loss:

Thanks a lot for the tip! I’ll go and take a look at it!

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