Texture loading problem

Hello, a question to you
Since the last update, I had after cooking my map strange Loading Problems with the textures
Many players report that the textures take very long to load, animals seeing very blurry out
Can you tell me what I would adjust the textures after the cooking load again correctly

I’m sorry for my bad english:o
And many thanks in advance for your help

got the same issue , if you got any idea plz share :slight_smile:

None of the can Help, Or is the title wrong

Well my friends , ive finally find the problem of texture not all loading HQ !! :smiley: , in MY case its was the obelisk that ive imported from the island map , i thinks its was their beam and particle effect thats had so big range , with the command STAT STREAMING , STAT PARTICULE , its could help yourself to diagnose the cause , but well ive deleted them for now and everything work fine for me , check out your particule effect probably , my friends told me thats this kind of problem of texture not loading is : foliage , particule and IA , if your foliage is not set up properly and its streaming tree of the other side of the island , this could be the problem too , so well , you need a a optimisation pass i think :slight_smile: its could be possible that the cause is that there is too luch texture to stream in , in that case try to reduce the amount of texture and not using asset that you dont use in your level , cause if you tree is in your foliage but you dont paint with it , its STILL in memory i think , but im not sure

sorry my bad english ehe , i hope this can help you :slight_smile: , ive been working two day on that problem hope you find a solution and let me know your result :slight_smile:

P.S … are you Danger the author of Tungunska ? :o

Yes i am, i got your invitation on steam

perfect we’ll talk on steam!