Texture issue

Hi there, my texture on 3D model looks bad in UE4, is there any option to improve it?
This is how my model looks in Cloud Compare and how exactly the same file looks in Unreal Engine 4.

I will be grateful for any tips.

Your attached file is so small I can’t see anything.
Maybe it is a problem with the forum but I have not this problem with other pictures… Could you reupload it ?

Thanks JoGoiA, i just re-upload picture.

Below additional pic with 3D view and same area in texture atlas.

Okay… I get it :slight_smile:
The small deformations we can see in the line of the rock seems to me very typical of bad UV mapping.
try to use a simple checker texture on your object and see if the deformation remains.

I didn’t know anything about cloudCompare… Maybe the problem comes from it. did you post on their forum ?
It’s possible they can help you more efficiently


I read a little about cloudCompare and realize that it works with cloud of point and UE works with mesh (triangle).
In your cloud, every point has a color and what you see in CC is some sort of vertex colored object.
You should have a conversion step between the cloud you work with in CC and the triangulate mesh you’re importing in UE4.
I’m pretty sure that’s at this stage of your work that the UV problem appears :slight_smile: