Texture issue

Hey everyone,

I’ve run into a texture issue which I can’t seem to get around (despite following various suggestions on the forum).

Project: I’ve got a model of originally around 700M polys, have simplified this to 40M and 20M (and 1M using ZBrush), texturing using about 11.000 input images, have tried to texture using different unwrap and texture settings (maximum texture count, fixed texel size, change texture sizes, first at original image resolution then at 2x reduce size, change cache location between different drives, etc) but nothing seems to help. The process always starts fine but breaks off around 60%, saying either simply something like “error” or “ran out of memory” (even though supposedly texturing isn’t RAM-limited).

Hardware: Windows 10 PC with good i7 processor, GTX 1080 GPU and 64 GB RAM + my cache locations have plenty of free space.

Should I break it down into smaller texture jobs, should I adapt some sort of setting to reduce memory usage? Any suggestions are very welcome!

Hi Thomas Van Damme
Thanks for reporting, I had the same issue even with 256 GB RAM ( last week ) but even with 1k image dataset, so the developers already have some data for reproduction of this issue…

Thanks for the quick reply Wishgranter! :slight_smile: so wait till next update? Or is there a workaround?

Hi Thomas Van Damme
No workaround for now ( except cutting the model in smaller parts ). But the issue can be trivial… At the end of the week we will be wiser about this… then it can go to a new build ( full of nice new features and bug fixes )

Thanks Wishgranter, I’ll hold tight and hope for a new build around next week then :wink: looking forward to the new features!