Texture issue on Android VR deployement

Hello everyone

I builded an almost empty room in order to make some tests with Google Cardboard Plugin VR on Android.
So here’s how the room look like in the Editor

And the one displayed on my phone (HTC One M8 S)

As you can see on the screenshot from my phone, the textures are like blurry blend colors, i made some tests, changed quality settings but nothing seems to fix my problem.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

This might be an issue with the texture state from Google VR plugin not interaction properly with our state caching. There is a known issue with this fixed in newer SDK we will be integrating this week.

IMHO The newest SDK still has this problem in various situations, to quick-fix it, one need to duplicate original daydream plugin into app (or modify existing & recompile whole engine) and add the following code:

	// Hack to fix leaking GVR states !
	static PFNGLBINDSAMPLERPROC __glBindSampler;
	static bool					__glBindSamplerFetched;

	if (!__glBindSamplerFetched)
		__glBindSampler        = (PFNGLBINDSAMPLERPROC)((void*)eglGetProcAddress("glBindSampler"));
		__glBindSamplerFetched = true;

	if (__glBindSampler)
		__glBindSampler(0, 0);
		__glBindSampler(1, 0);
		__glBindSampler(2, 0);
		__glBindSampler(3, 0);
		__glBindSampler(4, 0);
		__glBindSampler(5, 0);
		__glBindSampler(6, 0);
		__glBindSampler(7, 0);


at the end of void PreRenderViewFamily_RenderThread(FRHICommandListImmediate& RHICmdList, FSceneViewFamily& InViewFamily) function.