Texture imported is of low quality

I was importing a few textures and what I observed was some were being imported at a high res while others were being imported at very low res. Looks like a bug. Suddenly by chance all of them reverted to good quality yesterday, and today I face the same problem. Happens with only a few.

how are you determining it is low quality? Are they actually low quality in game or just the preview? Is the size correct in the texture properties? Screenshots always help immensely.

Hmmm… In the editor go to the toolbar, settings, and engine scalability settings and change that. Otherwise, I know that in maya there is a setting to see a mesh being smoothed without actually applying the smoothing to it — this might be your problem.

when I open them in win10 photos they look pretty sharp. In UE 4.11.0 they look blotched when I double click the imported texture.

Verify they don’t look correct when running the Standalone Game as the preview window is not always a good visual.

Sometimes imported textures may look weird for a number of reasons.

-There is a max texture size (you can read at the top of the texture properties window after double clicking).

  • If your texture was not power of 2 or square then it may look distorted as Unreal represents it square in the icon.
  • Sometimes importing PNGs with alpha will have streaking where the alpha is and look weird in preview but work fine in game.
    -Make sure the LOD Bias setting is 0 as this mips the texture down with each setting higher than 0.
    -Texture Groups auto adjust you max size and bias so you can try the appropriate Character group as they usually have less restrictions or go adjust your texture groups (do a quick google search for more info).

If nothing helps here you can send the texture over and I’ll take a look.

It worked

Ahh good, so the texture was fine just the settings were incorrect