Texture headache :-/

Hi guys,

Getting some texture issues that are obviously down to me. scene inported via Cinema 4d R15. I’ve added a screen shot.


That looks like a problem with the UV mapping, can you check how they look in the editor?

Hi Mosel3y, I have attached 2 images, 1 is from the C4D editor window and one is the final render.

You’re using a standard plane uv map, or, the UV’s are not baking into the model during export. you may want to instead unwrap the uv’s and create your own seams, then bake that UV setup into the model.

Would it be possible to screenshot your UV setup for the desk and your export settings?

Hi SaviorNT,

I’ve attached 2 screen shots. Basically I’m a badly self taught interior scene visualiser with some terrible habits :slight_smile:


Coming from 3DSMax, it looks set up correctly to me. I did a bit of research online for you in regards to UV Mapping in C4D… are you using the bodypaint tool set?

Here is a small tutorial which I hope will provide some insight:

Forgive me if this is way off base!

Not off base at all, really helpfull tutorial, thank you very much for that, this could be the solution to my probs :slight_smile:

It looks like your texture projection is set to “Cubic” instead of UV and then setup properly with UV mapping. Importing that .fbx isn’t going to carry over that mapping to UE4. That should fix things.

Thanks for your reply Pixelvspixel. Will be following your advice.