Texture has spotty artifacts

My mesh looks good and the texture looks good at a distance, but upon zooming in it has these spots all over as if small faces didn’t get textured. I tried visibility based and photo consistency based texturing and these artifacts remain. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them?


can you please describe your steps when creating texture? Did you unwrap your model first in RealityCapture? What settings did you use?

Hi Irad Eyal,

could it be related to this issue: https://support.capturingreality.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360011270552-Sweet-view-texture-resolution-inconsistency ?

Weirdly, this post cannot be found via search and I had to use my notification emails to access it again…

Thanks for responses! I unwrapped in Reality Capture (not sure if I did it as a separate step, or as part of the texturing following a simplify from a really big ~360m poly model to a 32M Poly then to a 5M poly model. 

I redid the texturing in the VISIBILITY mode instead of the PHOTOCONSISTENCY mode and the results were better. Here’s a sample:



It’s interesting, when I try to find the texture settings for the original, spotty model at the top of this post, RC doesn’t list the settings I used. It says “unknown”. It also says texture utilization 0%. There is a little “tx” next to the model indicating it was textured, and I can render out views that appear textured, but the info window is strange.

Is that a clue? Here are the settings for that spotty model:

Hi Irad,

that might indeed be a clue. It could be that the model isn’t textured but only hat vertex colours.

Would be interesting to know if that’s the result of a bug or caused by user intervention. 

You test the texturing if you create an orthophoto or a rendering of the model.