Texture gone broken whenever I restart UE5 on random assets

How come everytime I shut down and restart UE5 one of my material’s texture will turn out like this. If I redrag the texture into the material it’ll be fixed but next time when I restart the engine it become like this again. Any fixes?

Nanite / Lumen /VT on. Model is in obj from maya. Tried it on UE4, UE4 seems fine.

I’ve been experiencing the same issue. It even occurs in a packaged project.

I’ve even encountered a strange behavior where every time you open a level, incorrect textures are loaded. I can then spam reload the level, and a different texture loads for the same mesh half the time Lol.

The packaged project: QuickNaniteTest
Use button 1 to reload the level.

I’ll try uploading the project file, it’s nothing special, just a bunch of quixel asset thrown together with nanite enabled. But the file size is huge…

Project file for those who want to look into it: NaniteBench

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