Texture from substance designer tiling too much

so i imported some textures from substance designer and when i make a material and place it on a static mesh it tiles way to much(i haven’t mess with the material just made it). In substance and in the 3d viewer in the material page it looks fine no tilling, i put a texture coordinate(also didn’t work) any ideas what i did wrong? it comes in unreal but tiling in 6, i attach the texture here

Tiling has to do entirely with the UVs of the mesh. If the mesh’s uv layout covers coordinates greater than 1 in either direction you’ll wind up with tiling.
If you need to change this you’ll want to multiply a tex coords node by some value to increase (greater than 1) or decrease ( between 0 and 1) the number of tiles per UV unit.
The node structure should be TexCoords->multiply->textureSampler

If you add a scalar parameter feeding into that multiply node then you can control the tiling on a per material instance basis, so you can reuse the same material on multiple assets with different UV tiling needs.

thanks for the reply, was thinking about redoing the uv for my mesh but wanted to see if i could first fix it in unreal. I tried the TexCoordinate(slot a)->multiply(no changes)->texturesampler no luck should i just increase/decrease the texturecoordinate?
also tried the materials i put on the starter content meshes.