Texture Filtering / Texture Groups / MinMagFilter & MipFilter

Hello. I’m setting up a new project, trying to make better use of Texture Groups this time. I’m having trouble making sense of the filtering options (see attached image).

  1. I see most groups use MinMagFilter = aniso. But in the two Effects groups, it’s the first one that uses “linear” filtering, while EffectsNotFiltered still uses the default “aniso”. Is this intended? For comparison, the 2D Pixels (unfiltered) group uses point/point, as I’d expect. What would be the usage of those two Effects groups?
  2. Almost all groups, except Bokeh, use MipFilter = point. The MipFilter documentation mentions grazing angles which rings a bell about anisotropic filtering, but none of the groups use aniso. However, most groups do use aniso as MinMagFilter. I’d appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this.
  3. In any texture asset’s Details panel, I only see one Filter parameter, with options seemingly corresponding to some of the combined variations in the documentation chart, but not covering all of them. Why is that so?

Thank you in advance, any help would be much appreciated!

Edit: if anyone’s curious, I did a comparison of all the filtering options. Looks like for MinMagFilter “point” is pixelated, “linear” is blurry, and “aniso” looks just right. As for MipFilter, it doesn’t seem to make much difference at all.

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Here’s an article that has some explanations of how mips and filtering work: