Texture Fail Packaged 32-Bit

Hello Guys

So I have a problen with my project. I packaged it in Windows 32-bit. I’m in a dark room but for some reason at one part of the floor the texture fails and it is just bright as hell there and the ceiling too. And also the walls have very bright corners. Can you please help me?

Thanks a lot

Hello FXSManu,

Could you provide me with some screenshots of what your project looks like in editor versus what you are reporting in the packaged product?

Also, any extra information you can provide about the lighting set up in your scene would be beneficial to help me determine the cause of the issue.

Since it looks like you are new to AnswerHub, I’d like to say welcome and that we are here to help in any way we can. I highly suggest taking a look at our How to Report a Bug sticky on the forums so you can familiarize with the bug reporting process, and all the information we will ask of you when created a post on the AnswerHub.

Let me know if you have questions.

Cheers and welcome,