Texture Dimensions Max and Current

Esteemed Arch Viz Forum:

I am using the StarterContent material M_Concrete_Tiles that uses the normal map T_Concrete_Tiles_N for its displacement magic. It is a 2048x2048 bitmap that resides in the StarterContent folder when using it from a UE4 template initiation. In my workstation location, these textures are used at their maximum resolution as expected and desired. When I move the migrate the workstation assets to a VR enabled project with the migrate tool successfully (using a VR template for this), I get much lower resolution for these 2048x2048 textures in the laptop/VR enabled project location. I am having problems with it’s resolution in game and in my viewport editor. Please take a look at my Texture Stats display when looking at the Statistic dialog (please see attachment of Statistics / Texture Stats JPEG).

There are several texture assets that are not being used at their maximum resolution in my laptop/VR location compared to my workstation situation.

What setting makes this possible and how can I change it.

I appreciate any help and advice in advance…these UE4 forums rock!

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