Texture compression artifacts


Is there any way to leave a texture without compression? I would like to multiply a grid texture on top of another texture, but the compression creates artifacts on the lines:

Is there anything I can do? maybe it isn’t a matter of compression?


Change your compression settings to UI. That will store the texture nearly uncompressed at the cost of a big memory footprint.
If you store the grid texture as a single channel mask, put it into the green channel. That will compress better than the other ones (at least that used to be the case).

Made the “same” grid material. Mine looks good :wink:

Also, for a grid pattern you only need one square, you can tile the rest.


Tiling would be ideal, but I’m actually trying to setup this Go board
I guess it wouldn’t be a problem tiles not being perfectly square, but there are also some dots on top of it, so I’m not sure where to start to optimize the current setup, which is a texture with each color channel storing the full size standard go grids (9x9,13x13 and 19x19)… a waste of memory for sure!

If by any chance you know a tutorial that could help me optimizing this material , I would really appreciate it!