Texture channel shortcuts

First off, congrats Epic, UE4 is fantastic so far!

Would it be possible to re-add the RGBA/Saturation channel preview buttons back to the texture editor toolbar? It looks like there’s room next to the Mip Level selection. It’s a small change, but I typically flip through these quite often when I’m packing different masks into my texture channels.

Have you seen the texture channel toggles in the view menu on the viewport?

Yep I’ve seen them! I know it’s a nitpicky request, but I’d love to see them moved back to the toolbar. Right now, if I wanted to cycle through each individual channel and then back to RGB, it takes a dozen clicks.

Something that might not be immediately obvious (took me a while to figure out!) is that anywhere we use check boxes or “radio buttons”- if you click on the box instead of the text, it won’t close the menu! So you can quickly flip through different settings (in this case- the RGB channels)

Let me know if that’s better! It might save you some time in other parts of the editor too.

If it’s still not to your liking, head over to the answer hub and submit a feature request so we don’t lose it!



Ahh, I didn’t realize that! That completely resolves the issue, and makes the View Mode menu much easier to flip through as well. Thanks!