Texture Channel Packing? What goes where?!

Hello. I have seen a lot of debate on this topic and I am hoping for some clarification.

For channel packing textures for a character, what should I use.


I’ve seen comments saying you should always put your Roughness texture in the Green channel. Is that true?

I also noticed that after channel packing a texture, due to compression or some other reason I can’t understand, my end result looks different than if I just stick a dedicated Roughness texture into the Roughness channel output in my material. Somehow the values on my channel-packed texture is being changed.

I have the compression settings set to Masks (noSRGB) in the engine.

Thank you for any help!!

All channels are equal so there is no difference in usage.

The choice of method depends on your work. If you use noSRGB, you can select 3 of these in your package, and if you use SRGB, you can put 4 in this package.





and for that quality problem, you can modify this setting on texture.