Texture called from URL vs Local?

End Goal:

Management has come to me and asked if I could create a proof-of-concept where an ad-buying website could upload an image for a billboard (billboard1.png for example) and it shows as a texture for an object in a game/cinematic/arch vis, etc. When a user uploads or updates a new image through this ad-buying website, the next time the level is run, it would reach out and grab the URL of the billboard1.png and show the correct image in game as the texture.

What I’m Wondering:

I haven’t found any examples or plug-ins where materials could dynamically call a texture object or can a texture asset call an image from a URL. Everything I’m finding out on my own leads me to think textures must be local and located in the content directory to be used.

Am I correct or is there a standard way to do this and I’m just not seeing it?

Thanks in advance,

Use this plugin Real Time Import/Export in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace together with the authors web communication plugin to do what you want. Details in the link.

Download Image node

Thank you both very much. These give me good places to start. Much appreciated.