Texture atlas packer

I’m looking for a texture atlas packer, specifically one that can also compress single channels in a bitwise fashion, so that I can for example get 4 bits of specular and 4 bits of displacement in a single channel.

Does anyone know if this exists?

I’ve made a texture atlas packer tool in Unreal, but it doesn’t do the bitwise stuff that you’ve asked for. You can stack an arbitrary number of textures by dragging and dropping premade material planes into a grid, then it outputs the normal atlas, albedo atlas, and spec/rough/disp as a stacked texture atlas.

Is this close to what you need?

Close but not exactly. I’ve managed to squeeze 8 textures with diffuse, normals, AO and displacement into a single 8k atlas and I’m able to extract useful specular/roughness maps from the displacement, so it might not be necessary.

I might have a go at making one some time as I think it’d be useful. Not everyone needs 8 bits of specular, roughness, displacement, etc.

I have another question since this is probably the right place for it - I’ve changed all my LOD groups in the project’s DefaultEngine.ini to be 8192 pixels, but they’re still maxxing out at 4k:

How do you make this actually load and display 8k textures?

That is explained in this thread:

Yeah got it working. I tried everything in that thread a few times until I worked out that the updated command snippet needs to go in DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini.

Great! Thanks for the update